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Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt?

What comes to mind when you think “treasure hunt?” Are you whisked back to your childhood and those fun treasure hunts at special parties? Or perhaps recall a team building activity at work? Or are you a modern treasure hunter that uses geocaching?

Whatever comes to mind, we can all agree that a treasure hunt is an adventure. And who doesn’t love an adventure? Well, be prepared to enjoy a local adventure with the Shop Local Treasure Hunt on November 24, 2012.

You’ve heard me talk about the benefits of shopping, dining, supporting local businesses and services. You know that more money stays in our area when we do that. So, some smart people (spearheaded by Willow Wetherall and working in collaboration with other organizers and DTSB) have decided to combine the shop local theme with a treasure hunt.

Brilliant, right? I know!  I just LOVE ideas that highlight the awesomeness that is South Bend with new and innovative ways to experience them. So let’s show our support of local businesses (as well as these hardworking volunteers) by taking our feet to the streets next Saturday. If you can’t be there physically, plan to engage online. Let’s keep cool ideas coming!

For more about this new event, you can check out their Facebook page: (If this link doesn’t work, when on Facebook, search for Shop Local Treasure Hunt)


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How Low? ShoLo

Did you know that every dollar spent at a locally-owned business has three times the economic impact of the comparable purchase at a chain retailer? Doesn’t that seem hard to believe? But when you consider that local businesses also hire local services (graphic designers, lawyers, consultants, accountants, bankers, advertisers), it certainly makes sense. Isn’t that amazing? Don’t you want to go out immediately to your favorite local restaurant or store? I do.

So have you heard about ShoLo? It’s a local effort to encourage all of us to shop, dine and give locally. Who doesn’t just love that idea? Another great idea: you can purchase a ShoLo Value Card and save at various local establishments.

Need another reason to shop local? To quote ShoLo, “While big box retailers have an immediate impact on the local economy by means of payroll, a whopping 86% of the average chain retailer’s revenue leaves the state, flowing to out-of-state suppliers, and back to corporate headquarters.”

Next time you’re heading out to dine or shop, think local. It is Restaurant Week, so check out the local places downtown South Bend! For more info about ShoLo, check out their website:

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