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Is Student Success Linked to the School Board?

I believe that an effective school board can positively impact the success of our schools and our students. Adversely, an ineffective school board can hinder our future. That’s what makes this year’s election of those seats available on the Board of the South Bend Community School Corporation so critical.

Today there is an opportunity to meet the candidates at a forum that begins at 5pm at the Kroc Center (900 W. Western Ave.). Grab a friend or neighbor and head on over. It seems like there hasn’t been much talk about the school board. Maybe I just haven’t focused on that part of the election, as we have so many critical campaigns occurring as well (from the top office in the US to our state’s top office and more).  But I believe our local school board campaign is also critical to the future of South Bend. Take some time to meet the candidates and vote for those that you believe will work to improve our school system.

Share your thoughts here on the candidates as well as the role of the school board to impact student success. Let your voice be heard today and on election day!

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What Can I Do To Help?

Admittedly, my first thought when I saw South Bend’s IREAD results was, “Great, another negative for the South Bend schools.”  State-wide, 84% of our students passed IREAD (Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination). In South Bend, 72% passed.

IREAD measures basic reading for 3rd graders, to ensure that students can read proficiently before moving to 4th grade. While testing for those students on top of their class sometimes seems like a waste of time, these tests are geared to help the lower performing students. By identifying those that need assistance, and by providing remediation, we can begin to close the achievement gap. As we all know, the foundation laid now will affect students’ future success.

So while you may be thinking something along these lines “well, I hope the schools figure out how to help the students,” I would encourage you to instead think about solutions. What comes to mind? Are there ways that you can help? That others can help?

We all know how important education is to the future of South Bend, so let’s not play the blame game. Let’s instead direct that energy to establish tutoring programs, to volunteer to read with students, to volunteer in the classroom, and all those other great ideas that are swarming around in your head (please share those here!).

To get involved with the reading program at SBCSC, go to their website:

Looking for reading help, try this free website:

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