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The Time is Now

Yes, it’s true. It’s time for you to add your input to assist our fine city with your great ideas regarding vacant and abandoned properties. The city realizes that this is a huge issue (thus the task force) and it also realizes that it can accomplish more with the insights and ideas of smart people like yourself. So won’t you take some time to share your brilliance with these public servants tonight? Think how much better the city could be with your guidance! The City of South Bend’s Vacant & Abandoned Property Task Force public meeting is tonight (Aug 28) at Riley High School from 5:30 to 7:3pm. Would love to hear new voices in the discussion! Share some of your ideas here as well as at the meeting tonight, would ya?


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Just Grow It

Have you heard about Unity Gardens? They strive to improve community health and build community within the structure of gardens. Not only are they about growing and harvesting healthy food, but also educating the public, from the Growing Summit to weekly Jr. Master Gardener classes. What a great activity for families. You should check it out. Those weekly classes are held on Saturdays at the LaSalle Square Unity Garden (3701 Prast Ave) from 10 to 11:30am.

The network of gardens are all over town, so find a location near you to volunteer and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Take advantage of this great resource and tell your neighbors. Also, look for vacant properties near you. Perhaps we could open more of these gardens soon. Let’s plan to clean out potential land during The Weekend Project on October 6th and 7th. Post here if you’d like more info on The Weekend Project.

By the way, they also have a new shirt available for purchase. It’s really quite clever. Pick up your new Unity Gardens shirt at the Urban Garden Market (on Bendix just south of Lincolnway) from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Check it out:

For more on Unity Gardens, check out their facebook page or read their blog (here’s that link):

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Neighborhood Clean Up Planned in South East

Live, work, play or pray in or near the South East area? If so, join your neighbors at Broadway Christian Parish (1412 S Carroll St) at 8am on Saturday, June 2. Clean up will occur between Caroll & High and Broadway & Indiana Ave. The South Bend Police Department and Code Enforcement will give instructions before the group heads into the neighborhood. A light breakfast will be provided as well. What a great opportunity to give back to your neighbors. Kudos to Johnny McKinstry, Neighborhood Leadership Academy classmate, for organizing this!

Let us know if you’re planning on helping or know of other service opportunities like this.

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Community Input on Vacant Properties

As you will recall,  Mayor Buttigieg established the Vacant & Abandoned Housing Task Force in February. Now is your chance to speak to this group, as they want to gather community input on Thursday, May 31. The meeting will be held at Muessel Primary Center (1021 Blaine St) from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

What a great opportunity to collaborate with this task force to find solutions to some of the problems in South Bend. Plan to attend and tell your neighbors! If you cannot attend, post ideas here that we can share at this meeting.

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Building a Better South Bend with The Weekend Project

What’s “The Weekend Project?” I’m glad you asked. The Weekend Project is a collaborative effort where neighborhood associations, neighbors, business owners, houses of worship and organizations within each neighborhood in South Bend come together to work on at least one property in their neighborhood. Won’t that be amazing? To have everyone out in their neighborhoods on the same weekend, making South Bend a better place.

While the date hasn’t been set yet, there is still work to do now to make this happen. Here are things to get you started:
1. Contact your neighborhood association.
2. Walk or drive around your neighborhood to look for properties in need of attention.
3. Talk to your neighbors.
4. Talk to businesses, houses of worship and other organizations in your neighborhood.

Some ideas for these projects:
1. Find a homeowner (elderly or otherwise in need) that needs assistance
2. Clean up yards of vacant or abandoned homes
3. Plant a community garden in an open space /vacant lot (with permission from homeowner)
4. Clean up a local park or other common space
5. Remove or paint over graffiti

I encourage you to find time this week to talk to your neighbors about this idea. The more volunteers involved, the larger the impact. Also, share this blog with your neighborhood association. Let’s make this inaugural event a huge success.

Please post other ideas here. Then stay in touch as we’ll continue to make announcements as we move forward.

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