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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Have you heard of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” parlor game? The premise is that you can connect Kevin Bacon to any other Hollywood actor within six steps. While in South Bend, we do not have that Kevin Bacon connection (dang, who doesn’t love some bacon?), but we do have a close-knit community. One thing that closeness affords us is the opportunity to find connections, resources and success within three degrees. Thus, the name of our new meetup group in South Bend: Three Degrees of Separation

The goal of Three Degrees of Separation is to inspire and connect local entrepreneurs to the local startup ecosystem, the community, and to the world of startups. Three Degrees will be successful by connecting entrepreneurs and collaborators  and by cultivating collaborative ideas, opportunities and partnerships that will help emerging startups move forward. You are a key to that success. Your knowledge, expertise, and connections are needed at these meetups.

Still wondering what you could possibly offer to the group or why you should attend? Come out on Thursday and find out how your connections can help another. From just our first meetup, I was able to meet a key person that has helped me with my idea. This first connection led to several pivotal meetings that will help ConnectHelp immensely. All because one person decided to attend this meeting. One person.

If you have any interest in building a better community, in being inspired or inspiring others, or need motivation, then please join us on Thursday (1/3) at 6pm at Main Street Coffee House / The Music Village. More info at the Three Degrees Meetup page and Facebook page.  I will be there because I love being in a room of people who are serious about starting ventures that serve the community.

Make a resolution to improve our community and start by attending the Three Degrees of Separation Meetup. Hope to see you there!

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Let’s Rock the House

Have you heard? The College Football Hall of Fame closes its doors this Sunday (12/30/12). As you know, they are moving out of South Bend. What you might not know is that all tickets and sales this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will benefit South Bend athletics. And, to sweeten the pot, admission is only $2 per person and all items in the gift shop are buy one get one free. Yes, it’s true. What a great way to end their stay in our fine city. Quick, grab your family and friends. Let’s rock the house that Rockne would have helped to build if only he could have… and let’s send CFHOF off on a high note.

Have ideas on uses for the CFHOF building once it is vacant? Share your ideas here and be sure to join Three Degrees of Separation MeetUp as we discuss that at an upcoming gathering.

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Michiana Pride

We all know how amazing our community is – full of innovative, generous, compassionate people. And, most importantly, how we have come together to build a better community. We love our stories and the part that we’ve have played here. Now, your help is needed to show the world our greatness. Here’s what you can do (it’s pretty simple, but would mean a lot):

  1. Go to (you will need to like this page to continue)
  2. Vote (be sure to do this everyday until the 27th)
  3. Share with your friends (on Facebook, through tweets, etc.) and ask them to vote the one-stop resource connecting local human needs with local resources anywhere in the world. It’s time for MICHIANA PRIDE – go and vote, then please ask your friends to vote.

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Love Thy Neighbor(hood)

The Weekend Project is almost here. It’s time to BE NEIGHBORLY on Saturday and Sunday (10/6 and 10/7). You can keep it simple: find a neighbor that needs help, gather a few friends (and appropriate tools) and spend an hour or two blessing your neighbor (and, your neighborhood). It typically doesn’t take long to find a neighbor or a lot in need, so take a drive and call some friends. If there is a project in your neighborhood that requires more help than you can provide, either post it here or email us at and we will try to find volunteers to assist you.

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Be Neighborly

There are so many reasons to help out a neighbor. You could look in the Bible (James 2:8 in The Message states: You do well when you complete the Royal Rule of the Scriptures: “Love others as you love yourself.”), you could realize that it takes a good neighbor to have a good neighbor (for sure), or you could believe in karma or the idea that we are on this planet to help others. Whatever moves you into action, get ready to raise a rake, push a lawn mower, or pick up a paint brush on October 6th and 7th during The Weekend Project.

The Weekend Project is a collaborative effort where neighborhood associations, neighbors, business owners, houses of worship and organizations within each neighborhood in South Bend come together to work on at least one property in their neighborhood.

Things to get you started:
1. Contact your neighborhood association.
2. Walk or drive around your neighborhood to look for properties in need of attention.
3. Talk to your neighbors.
4. Talk to businesses, houses of worship and other organizations in your neighborhood.

Project ideas:
1. Find a homeowner (elderly or otherwise in need) that needs assistance
2. Clean up yards of vacant or abandoned homes
3. Plant a community garden in an open space / vacant lot (with permission from homeowner)
4. Clean up a local park or other common space
5. Remove or paint over graffiti
6. Paint on boarded up properties (paint boards to look like windows, doors, etc.) – this will have much impact on the gateways into South Bend as well as in neighborhoods

We have identified some areas on the southside as well as near Coquillard Park that could benefit from neighborly love. But we know there are many other areas. Please consider taking time this week to find a property and talk to your neighbors. Then post here what area of town you plan to impact. We’ll be glad to help you get organized and find additional volunteers. After all, that’s what this whole weekend is about. Let your voices be heard!!

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Kids’ Back to School Do

Do your kids still need that back to school hair cut? If so, check out the Hair Kutz 4Kidz at Monroe Circle Community Center on Western Ave. on Monday (August 20th). Ages 5 to 17 are welcome to take advantage of the free haircut (and snacks). Stylists will be there all day (8am to 4pm). For more info on MC3, check out their website:

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Pray for Downtown

Everyone’s invited to join City Chapel (401 S. Main St., near Main Library) on Sunday, August 12th at 11am to pray for South Bend. City Chapel organizers plan to split participants into teams to intercede in these areas: government, education, business, entertainment, health and ministry. Check out their prayer guide! For more info about City Chapel, see their website:

Downtown Prayer Guide

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