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It’s Going to Be Legen-(wait for it)-dary

The iconic State Theatre in downtown South Bend is being rejuvenated. And the entire community will benefit. Why? Because the owner wants this to be a space for the community. Andrew Elegante, the theatre manager, has stated that every event “will have a community organization partner that receives a portion of the proceeds.” The State is also doing something quite different by forming a B Corp–which has been explained to be a new type of for-profit/non-profit corporation–which will lease space in the building as the concessionaire. As a B Corp, it will “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”  With the formation of this new B Corp comes an interesting crowdfunding opportunity: Fund the State (you can link to this and check it out, perhaps even support the cause, by clicking here).

Why support The State? What’s in it for you? Besides the opportunity to rebuild a city icon and help rejuvenate the downtown area, you could get your name in lights. Well, more specifically, you could boast to your friends how you helped light up The State or you could get your name placed on a chair or a couch. But most importantly, you will know that you were a part of the catalyst to provide a great new venue for our community. Be the change? Yes!

If you are still hesitant to contribute a buck or twenty, let me reassure you that Andrew is a force for good in South Bend. I have the privilege of working with him often as a co-founder on 3° of Separation, a networking group whose goal is to accelerate Michiana’s emerging startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs and collaborators. Andrew has also been a trusted advisor for me regarding my ConnectHelp idea.

Andrew received his MBA from Notre Dame and chose to stay in South Bend to participate in the revitalization of our fine city. Since I am such a proponent of revitalization (thus the name of my blog), I applaud his efforts. I hope I am encouraging you to get connected to this cause. If you click the link above, you can give (if the site is not ready yet, it will be soon; add your email address so that you will be alerted when it is ready and know that Andrew assures me that your email is safe with him). If you would like to read more about The State, and hear about this in Andrew’s words, check out his blog here.

Let’s help bring The Pride of South Bend back to its former glory. Like I said, we all benefit!

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Get Your Love (Code) On

It’s Valentine’s Day, so it seems appropriate to talk about LOVE. In this case, I’d like to encourage those of you that love our community to consider getting involved in a unique opportunity to make a difference. Knowing how involved and interested you are in the future of our fine town, I am sure you will be excited to hear about Code for America’s Code Across South Bend event.

On Saturday, February 23rd, Code for America will connect friends, colleagues, neighbors who are passionate about technology and this community. In service to South Bend, consider helping Code for America. Using the power of people and the power of the web, this event promises to be unlike many others.

Here’s our chance to reimagine South Bend’s future and how our government works. It’s a chance to share our dream for the future of our community, and perhaps have a group of people move forward to make that dream a reality.

Are you an idea person? Have a passion for South Bend? Are you techie? If so, Code Across South Bend needs you. Through this event, they hope to build a local wiki site as well as build apps around city data, plus work on ideas that come out of the brainstorming session.

To register for this event and get more info, click here. If you have questions or are in a position to sponsor this event, please contact Hope to see you there!

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A New Kind of Organization in a Very Old Building

Intrigued? Then join 3° of Separation at our first field trip ever. On Saturday, February 16th, 3° will head to The Plant in Chicago to tour their facility.  If you are interested in economic development and sustainability, this is for you. The Plant has figured out how to blend those things in a farm inside an old meatpacking facility. But it’s much more than that. They are “incubating small craft food businesses, brewing beer and kombucha, and doing it all using only renewable energy” that they produce onsite. Instead of discarding what most businesses would consider waste, The Plant connects businesses to make use of each other’s outputs. (It kinda makes my head explode)

After the tour, the group will eat at Nana’s and take that time to discuss inspirations from the tour. Costs for the day include admission into The Plant ($10; they prefer cash), shared gas/tolls (I’m sure the drivers prefer cash), and your meals. Meet at the Park & Ride at Exit 77 of the Toll Road at 10:50am; expect to be back in the Bend by 6:30pm. Don’t miss the 3° Inaugural Field Trip! So head to the 3° of Separation Facebook page to tell them that you’re going. Like now.


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Interested in Sustainability?

If you are interested in sustainability and would like to learn more about how this can impact Michiana, then you should plan to attend Transition Michiana’s event. The event will kick-off with dinner and a movie screening of In Transition 2.0 on Thursday, January 24th at 5:30pm. Friday begins with a welcome from Councilman Gavin Ferlic then Transition Movement Founder Rob Hopkins (via Skype). There will be exhibits and a panel discussion. Saturday brings another panel discussion and then action planning.

As they discuss what needs to change and why, YOUR input is needed to help find solutions. Who doesn’t want to make our community better? Here’s a chance to be empowered and united to work together to improve Michiana. As Transition Michiana states on their Facebook page, “Together we can face the challenges posed by climate change and rising energy costs. Together we can create a more vibrant and resilient local community!”

Don’t delay – register today.

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One Small Cluck for Man…

I have to share a Facebook status update made by a new friend, Myles Robertson: “Urban Chickens are a go! This is one small cluck for man, one giant cock-a-doodle-do for mankind!” There seems to be overwhelming enthusiasm for the new law passed by the South Bend Common Council which will allow residents to raise chickens within the city limits. Some consider this a great move for the city — something that will truly help move South Bend forward. Others have said, “If I wanted to be around farm animals, I would have chosen to live in the country.” What are your thoughts on this new law? Does it help move us forward? Please share!

Also, for those of you schooled in the best places to purchase chicks, please share your recommendations here. Thanks.

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Are You Board?

As in, are you a member of a nonprofit Board? If so, and if you would like to become a more effective Board member, you should consider attending the Nonprofit Governance Breakfast Series put on by the Office of Public Affairs and Nonprofit Professional Development at the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame. The four-part series begins on January 17th and will occur monthly through April 18th. These four 90-minute seminars will cover topics ranging from board governance, budgeting and finance, nonprofit law and board roles and responsibilities. Consider investing in yourself and the community by attending this series. Because they understand the importance of board training, the organizers have extended the reservation deadline. You still have a few days to register. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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Be the Change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” is one of the quotes you would spot in our house. A good friend is planning to make some signs that say, “Be the change you wish to see in South Bend.” I really like that idea. It makes me think of a way to twist a famous JFK quote, “Ask not what South Bend can do for you, but what you can do for South Bend.”

I started this blog many, many months ago out of a desire to share stories that  might inspire people to take action, to be involved, to help change things for the better. There are so many ways to get involved and connected to the community. I am currently looking for stories that will inspire you, that will help you take that first step to “be the change.” Drop me a quick note to tell me what you need to hear about to get excited about this idea of involvement and action.

This blog is for you and for the community. Help me make it useful for South Bend. Comment away. One lucky person that comments will win a small gift card. It might be your lucky day. And if it’s not, think about the good that could come out of your words. Thanks for loving South Bend!!

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