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Growth and Change Is Good

I have been blessed over these past months to have the opportunity to meet new community builders and highlight their stories. I’ve also been blessed to make new friends and begin a new adventure. Some of you read about this journey that launched ConnectHelp. If you’d like to catch up, just click here.

As we discuss our goals with ConnectHelp, I realize that much of what I want to accomplish with Revitalize South Bend mirrors those goals. So it only makes sense to roll all things RSB into ConnectHelp.

Consequently, you can now follow my blog at the ConnectHelp website by clicking here. Please bookmark this new site (, share it with your friends and stay connected! Also, be sure to follow our ConnectHelp twitter account @connecthelp_org.

I have enjoyed the conversations with many of you through comments on the posts, so I hope that you will continue to be engaged with ConnectHelp.

You will still find me involved in 3° of Separation. I believe that 3° can help our community grow and prosper. I will also keep the @revitalizesb twitter account active, to highlight related efforts and stories and to be that friendly reminder of the importance of revitalizing South Bend.

My personal mission remains the same:


I still want to connect people to people, people to groups, groups to groups (well, you get the idea). I still want to encourage collaboration. I still hope to inspire folks in our community to take action.

Won’t you join me at this new site to share ideas and resources that can benefit others in our community?

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