Just as Good as the First

November 12, 2012 at 8:30 am Leave a comment

Day 2 of Startup Weekend was just as good as Day 1. Probably better. While Friday night meant meeting new people, enjoying an interesting and fun ice breaker and securing enough votes to have my idea chosen to be in the contest (who doesn’t like that, right?), Saturday was about getting it done. And that process was educational, crazy and exciting. Of course it helps having an amazing team. Somehow I was blessed with three brilliant team members (Laura Gekeler, Rowland Rose and Chris Weaver). Without each one of them, I would have been lost. Actually, I was lost. I was lucky that it was my idea or they could have kicked me off the team.

Time to set the scene for Day 2. The day begins with a run down of the tasks and assignments verified. Each team member plunges into their tasks. Laura leaves the building to work on customer validation. Rowland and Chris begin working their magic (I’m not a techie, so don’t ask me specifics). I try to figure out what I’m doing.

We realize we need a name. We also realize that finding a url that isn’t already registered is almost impossible. We get lucky. We can purchase ConnectHelp.org. Yay! Thanks to Rowland for this find. A little while later, as I’m thinking about our name, a logo idea comes to mind. That gets added to the white board. Chris takes that idea and turns it into the amazing logo that we have now. Yay!

The day continues with research, website development, phone calls, conversations and a frenzy of activities that are mostly a blur now. One of the highlights is the time with our coach, Michael Patton. He discusses funding, idea validation, and resources with us. And most importantly, he’s excited about our idea. His time with our group is so encouraging. We feel like we’re on the right track with a great idea. We are even more determined.

Suddenly it’s getting late. I’m exhausted. Chris and Rowland plan to stay a couple more hours, but I just cannot. Phil and Jim pitch in so I can get some rest. Yay! I leave, but the work continues. Did I mention how awesome all of these people are? (there are more to mention… like David and Grant)… Stay tuned for Day 3.

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