Why Startup Weekend?

November 10, 2012 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Thanks to this blog and my desire to grow my connections in South Bend, I learned about Startup Weekend South Bend (thanks Grant!). I have to say that I’m sorry I missed the first one, but so thankful to be in a room of amazing people.

Let me set the scene for you. First, think about how intimidating it can be to go into a new environment alone. I asked a few friends to join me for this weekend, but was not able to find anyone available. With the encouragement of my husband, I chose to go without my usual support network. While I’m not particularly shy, this proposition was still a little scary. You know all those thoughts that invade your mind as you deliberate…Who are these people running this event anyway? As good as it sounds on paper, how will it really be?

Immediately upon arrival, as I meet a new friend, I am encouraged to share my idea. I have considered pitching one of my ideas (I have many), but think maybe I should just observe this time. Luckily, my name is added to the pitch list. When time comes, I use my 60 seconds to tell far too much about myself and the problem, but am somehow able to let my passion for this idea through enough to entice a few people.

The next step is truly exciting. Time to take a “post-it note vote.” Will I get any votes? As I see the post-it notes added to my idea, I’m stunned, amazed and overwhelmed. Are you kidding me? Might my idea make it? We’re not done voting, so anything can happen. Now it’s time to weed out those with the least votes and decide on just a few. I can’t possibly make it through to the end. I’m new. What do I know? What am I doing?

But, alas, I’ve garnered enough support. Now I’m even more stunned. Even more excited. Then I realize that the real work begins. I’m lucky enough to have amazing teammates (Laura, Chris and Rowland). We begin to work through the business model. We have many notes. We have a plan (at least a bit of a plan). I can’t wait to see where the rest of the weekend takes us! Stay tuned for more.

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