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Magnet Schools Worth a Look

As a parent of children in the South Bend Community School Corporation, I would encourage you and your family to take advantage of the Magnet Fair that will be held at the Century Center on Thursday, November 1 from 6 to 7:30 pm. At this venue, you will have an opportunity to speak to representatives from the traditional schools to the academies as well as all of the high schools. South Bend has numerous amazing schools, with national accolades declaring some of our programs to be the best in the nation. Blue Ribbon status is truly an honor, with LaSalle Academy being the most recent school to earn this award. There’s even more to boast about in South Bend. John Adams High School has an International Baccalaureate program (one of only 22 programs in our entire state). All of our high schools have programs to help students in specific areas of interest. Take some time on Thursday and check out the Magnet Fair. If you’re not able to be there, consider checking out SBCSC’s website to find out when specific schools have their open houses:

Keep in mind that magnet school applications are due by December 15, 2012. All the best to you and yours!

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Arts Cafe

It is time for Near Northwest Neighborhood’s 10th Annual Arts Cafe on Sunday, November 4th from 10am to 5pm. NNN plans this event as an opportunity for the public to see newly renovated homes as well as show-off the neighborhood (and, hopefully, convince you to move in). Having seen one of those renovated homes, I can say firsthand that NNN knows what they are doing. So where do you go? You will find welcome tents at California & Cottage Grove and at the south end of route on Lindsey & Cottage Grove. This event is free and open to public. Local artists, displaying water colors, textile arts or playing music, will fill the homes. You can even enjoy food at the food tent (this is the only part that is not complimentary). Grab a friend and enjoy the day in the Near Northwest Neighborhood. For more info, check out NNN’s webiste:

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Is Student Success Linked to the School Board?

I believe that an effective school board can positively impact the success of our schools and our students. Adversely, an ineffective school board can hinder our future. That’s what makes this year’s election of those seats available on the Board of the South Bend Community School Corporation so critical.

Today there is an opportunity to meet the candidates at a forum that begins at 5pm at the Kroc Center (900 W. Western Ave.). Grab a friend or neighbor and head on over. It seems like there hasn’t been much talk about the school board. Maybe I just haven’t focused on that part of the election, as we have so many critical campaigns occurring as well (from the top office in the US to our state’s top office and more).  But I believe our local school board campaign is also critical to the future of South Bend. Take some time to meet the candidates and vote for those that you believe will work to improve our school system.

Share your thoughts here on the candidates as well as the role of the school board to impact student success. Let your voice be heard today and on election day!

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Love Thy Neighbor(hood)

The Weekend Project is almost here. It’s time to BE NEIGHBORLY on Saturday and Sunday (10/6 and 10/7). You can keep it simple: find a neighbor that needs help, gather a few friends (and appropriate tools) and spend an hour or two blessing your neighbor (and, your neighborhood). It typically doesn’t take long to find a neighbor or a lot in need, so take a drive and call some friends. If there is a project in your neighborhood that requires more help than you can provide, either post it here or email us at and we will try to find volunteers to assist you.

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