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Truck Pull Today

Feeling especially strong or want to help a great cause? Head down to the College Football Hall of Fame for the Our Town Truck Pull. It’s a fun event that benefits local schools and the Public Education Foundation. Grab your shoes and head out the door. Get more info at

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Much Ado About Something

This weekend is full of activities that help great causes. Here are a few ways to consider getting involved:

I’m sure there are additional events happening. Share your favorites here!

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Be Neighborly

There are so many reasons to help out a neighbor. You could look in the Bible (James 2:8 in The Message states: You do well when you complete the Royal Rule of the Scriptures: “Love others as you love yourself.”), you could realize that it takes a good neighbor to have a good neighbor (for sure), or you could believe in karma or the idea that we are on this planet to help others. Whatever moves you into action, get ready to raise a rake, push a lawn mower, or pick up a paint brush on October 6th and 7th during The Weekend Project.

The Weekend Project is a collaborative effort where neighborhood associations, neighbors, business owners, houses of worship and organizations within each neighborhood in South Bend come together to work on at least one property in their neighborhood.

Things to get you started:
1. Contact your neighborhood association.
2. Walk or drive around your neighborhood to look for properties in need of attention.
3. Talk to your neighbors.
4. Talk to businesses, houses of worship and other organizations in your neighborhood.

Project ideas:
1. Find a homeowner (elderly or otherwise in need) that needs assistance
2. Clean up yards of vacant or abandoned homes
3. Plant a community garden in an open space / vacant lot (with permission from homeowner)
4. Clean up a local park or other common space
5. Remove or paint over graffiti
6. Paint on boarded up properties (paint boards to look like windows, doors, etc.) – this will have much impact on the gateways into South Bend as well as in neighborhoods

We have identified some areas on the southside as well as near Coquillard Park that could benefit from neighborly love. But we know there are many other areas. Please consider taking time this week to find a property and talk to your neighbors. Then post here what area of town you plan to impact. We’ll be glad to help you get organized and find additional volunteers. After all, that’s what this whole weekend is about. Let your voices be heard!!

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Fabulous First Friday Fun!

There is much to do tonight in the Bend, so grab some friends and head downtown for the monthly First Friday activity: Art Alive! There is “Artists in Action” where artists will be creating custom art, in addition to a community art project and an ARTitecture hunt. It sounds like fun! Plus, there are so many great places to grab dinner downtown. Have you tried the new Cafe Navarre? Did I mention that there is music in the KeyBank plaza? For more about this DTSB event that begins at 5pm, check out their website:

Now if  the downtown festivities aren’t quite up your alley, then consider heading over to Eddy Commons for their Kickoff Concert Block Party. There is live music and, of course, all those dining establishments ready for you and your party. This event begins at 7pm.

What are your plans for tonight? Share your ideas here…

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