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How Low? ShoLo

Did you know that every dollar spent at a locally-owned business has three times the economic impact of the comparable purchase at a chain retailer? Doesn’t that seem hard to believe? But when you consider that local businesses also hire local services (graphic designers, lawyers, consultants, accountants, bankers, advertisers), it certainly makes sense. Isn’t that amazing? Don’t you want to go out immediately to your favorite local restaurant or store? I do.

So have you heard about ShoLo? It’s a local effort to encourage all of us to shop, dine and give locally. Who doesn’t just love that idea? Another great idea: you can purchase a ShoLo Value Card and save at various local establishments.

Need another reason to shop local? To quote ShoLo, “While big box retailers have an immediate impact on the local economy by means of payroll, a whopping 86% of the average chain retailer’s revenue leaves the state, flowing to out-of-state suppliers, and back to corporate headquarters.”

Next time you’re heading out to dine or shop, think local. It is Restaurant Week, so check out the local places downtown South Bend! For more info about ShoLo, check out their website:

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What Color is Your Porch?

Or, what Purple Porch would really like to know: How local is your food?

Purple Porch is a member-owned, food co-op. But don’t let that stop you from checking it out. Anyone can purchase from them. And they’ve made it easy with online ordering. For Wednesday pick up (5-7pm) at LangLab (1302 High St), order over the weekend. For Saturday pick up (8-11:30am) at Good Shepherd School, order Tuesday – Thursday. Or, just stop in to those locations during the listed hours and shop!

Purple Porch is “committed to growing a local, sustainable economy that will reduce our carbon footprint through the purchasing of locally produced foods. We aim to connect people in Michiana who want to buy local, organic and/or fair trade food with local growers who produce that food.” Obviously, the quicker food gets from the farm to your table, the fresher it will be.  As Purple Porch continues to point out,  it “… consumes less energy to get to your table, and is ultimately healthier for you and the planet.”

For more info on Purple Porch, check out their website or visit them during the hours/locations listed above:

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Ribs, Blues and Sunshine

What a glorious day to spend at The Cove today. However, not for baseball. Instead, check out South Bend Park’s Ribs & Blues Fest. Besides the obvious advantage of good food and music, you will also be supporting Miracle Park (for special needs individuals). Everyone wins. For more info, check out SBPark’s website:

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10 Minutes for Innovation (…and maybe an iPad)

Have ten minutes to spare on Friday, June 15th? Then head over to the College Football Hall of Fame to support the Innovative Thinker’s Camp, a program that brings engineers, technicians and other innovation professionals to speak with our local students about the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship (and how it could apply to their future goals).

From 10am to 5pm on Friday, you will be able to participate in games, contests and competitions.  For every person that participates, Lincoln will make a donation to the Innovative Thinker’s Camp. Games include a mind teaser that tests your skills and ability to identify specific technology on a Lincoln vehicle.  Each participant will be timed to see how fast they can solve the puzzle.  The winning time will receive a new Apple iPad3.

For more information about this pilot youth program, check out ND’s website:

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Strawberry Shortcakes on the Blacktop!

St. Margret’s House is a day center for women and children and is a great place for them to go to when they need help. St. Margret’s House improves the lives of women and children by providing immediate attention to their needs and breaking the bonds of isolation. Hundreds of women and children are served each year at St. Margret’s House. Some need a hot, nutritious meal, others need to shower and get clean clothes, many take advantage of SMH’s programming, while others need the security that St. Margaret’s House can provide. Whatever reason lands them there, St. Margaret’s House is a great example of women helping women.  Thanks to St. Margret’s House for being a place in our community that helps women and children get through their hard times, become healthy, and get empowered and connected.

Support St. Margaret’s House (and a couple other organizations) at the annual Shortcakes on the Blacktop! event on June 13 from 11am to 5:30pm (or until they sell out) at the Episcopal Cathedral at St. James (117 N. Lafayette Blvd, downtown South Bend).  What a great excuse for a summer treat. Be sure to invite your whole office, all your friends and neighbors. Hope to see you there!

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Housing Fair at NNN

The Near Northwest Neighborhood is hosting the 2012 Housing Fair on Saturday, June 9th beginning at 9am at the NNN office on the corner of California and Portage Avenues. If you’re tired of paying rent (or know anyone that is!) and want to better understand how to become a homeowner, the housing counselors will be available to answer your questions. For those worried about foreclosures or other issues, there will also be a lending institution and a realtor available. NNN will be featuring two homes that are currently for sale on California Avenue. As incentives, there will be a chance to win $25 gift cards. For more info, call (574) 232-9182.

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